About Anomos

NOSA A. Moses.                                

ANOMOS, a greek word wich stands for a self-determined and free lifestyle, is the name of a young Stuttgart-based brand founded in 2016 by Interior student and designer Nosa A. Moses.

A product of diversity, cultures, stories, questions and life goals, already started to grow in the childhood of Nosa A. Moses in the late nineties, when he grew up watching his father drawing comic books s besides beeing a pro-boxer, his mother writing poems while beeing a translator and his grandvather beeing a selfemployed buisnessman.
Carrying on his useful heritage of talents, diversity and values in growing up in between two cultures, he eventually decided to combind all these abilities and create a brand which can represent them.
Drawing designs wich leave space for interpretation, underlined      with words like „Love“ wich one can find in every piece, now forms the identifying future of the brand. Nosa A. Moses concept is to create never lasting designs in lifestyle fashion art interior and      music. A brand that can’t get old fashioned but a way of living.


A Self-determined way of living through art and expression
Love yourself – Be yourself – Create yourself